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The most necessary audits for your website

Any company planning to promote its business online or having had not very successful experience in promotion, first and foremost, conducts a website audit. Only a comprehensive analysis of the website, evaluation of competitors, and business peculiarities provide a complete picture of the actual state of affairs, the required budget, and the promotion strategy.

We offer various audits aimed at solving specific tasks.

Briefly about each analysis:

  1. SEO POSITIONS – the most powerful audit for tracking, suitable for all types of professional SEO tasks. You can track rankings without any keyword limitations, check positions in search results on desktop and mobile devices, optimize local search, conduct keyword research, compile a list of keywords, analyze competitor keywords and traffic – all in one audit.
  2. SEO AUDITOR – Technical and Internal SEO Audit – SEO AUDITOR – is adapted to the needs of anyone conducting a comprehensive site audit. And, unlike many other tools that only collect SEO errors, our audit groups issues and provides advice on addressing them specifically for your site. Scan your sites as search engines do. Conduct a technical audit of the website and get advice on problem resolution.
  3. SEO GLASS – is a top-notch backlink analysis tool. With this tool, you can quickly assess link profiles using the largest and most up-to-date backlink index. Imagine having a reliable companion helping you analyze inbound links, compare them with competitors, and discover new link opportunities – that’s what SEO Glass offers. With this software, you can easily evaluate website authority, monitor referral traffic, and track your competitors’ backlinks. The best part? Whether you’re an SEO professional, a business owner, or a newcomer to SEO, SEO Glass will undoubtedly help you stay one step ahead. It’s not just a tool – it’s the shortest path to SEO success. Ready to start?
  4. SEO LINK – The link-building audit provides numerous link suggestions that serve as the foundation for your backlink coverage. However, this process is not only about the quantity of potential backlinks. What you really need is a list of high-quality domains suitable for your specific strategies. SEO Link is an audit tool to ensure the quality of your backlink coverage. Moreover, it takes on the entire link-building process. This allows you to find suitable link-building opportunities, obtain email addresses, send automatic pitches, and even measure the success of your link-building campaigns.
  5. Website Usability Audit – This audit evaluates the user-friendliness of the site from visitors’ perspectives in terms of navigation, design, and functionality. It is conducted by SEMSEO staff. The analysis of website usability provides answers to the following questions: Is the site convenient for visitors? Can they quickly find information on the site? Are interactive elements on the site effectively utilized?
  6. Pre-Launch Website Audit – This is the process of a thorough examination of a web resource before its launch or delivery to the client. The goal of this audit is to ensure that the website meets the specified requirements, functions correctly, is secure, and ready for use.


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