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How does online advertising work and how to manage a website?

And people decided, ‘Let there be the Internet!’ and created 1000 computers, uniting them into a network. On the second day, the creators populated the new world with the first websites. By the third day, stores, banks, cinemas, clinics, and institutes started operating here. Unfortunately, on the fourth day, most projects perished due to their inability to exist in the new world. Despite the extinction, on the fifth day, millions of people continued migrating to the Internet from real life. However, it was only on the sixth day that a person appeared who knew how to ensure survival and business development on the Internet. On the seventh day, not everyone rested. Calculating and prudent businessmen were looking for ways to effectively promote their business in the new world, on the Internet.

And whom have you entrusted with the management of your business on the Internet?

Perhaps the developers or system administrators promised to develop the site? However, the Internet is not their profile, and the project is likely to die out, just like dinosaurs did. Suddenly and without a scientifically established reason. Maybe an in-house employee took on the full management of the online business? The lack of special skills and technical knowledge will plunge your site into an ice age. This will not only freeze your assets but also cool the hot feelings of customers towards the site.

And yet, organizing a business on the Internet is equivalent to conducting business in real life.

Advertising on the Internet, how does it work? Principles of operating a website on the Internet. How to benefit from a website? How to advertise it correctly on the Internet? Fill, optimize, administer, and promote.

Placing a website on the Internet is similar to finding a suitable retail space or office. Technical maintenance of the site is like changing light bulbs, fixing the elevator, or installing drainage pipes. Filling the site is like strategically placing products on the shelves. Advertising campaigns you conduct in real life also need to be organized on the Internet. Search engine optimization is the refinement of all business processes to ensure that the target buyer learns about your offer with 100% certainty. But do you know someone who can effectively manage all aspects, from fixing electrical wiring to conducting advertising campaigns?

Full website management will be provided by theIT company in Moldova   , «SEMSEO», which is skilled in:

The growth of sales through the Internet amounts to 40%, surpassing the growth of traditional commerce. 73% of users have made purchases at least once after searching for products online. In companies with an effective website, every fourth customer comes from the Internet.

«SEMSEO» — the guarantee of survival and development for your website!

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