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Installation and Configuration of Marketing Quizzes

SEMSEO offers services for the installation and configuration of marketing quizzes on your website.

A marketing quiz on your website is an interactive form that allows visitors to answer a series of questions or perform specific tasks to gather information about their preferences, needs, or characteristics. It is used to collect data about the target audience and create personalized marketing strategies.

Main features of a marketing quiz on the site include:

  1. Interactivity: Quizzes usually provide visually appealing and interactive questions, ranging from textual to graphic or even multimedia formats.
  2. Personalization: Based on the answers received from the user, a more accurate profile of their preferences is created. This allows companies to provide more personalized content or offers.
  3. Data Collection: Quizzes collect valuable user data such as preferences, needs, experience level, and other characteristics that can be used to improve marketing strategies.
  4. Attention-Grabbing: Interesting and well-designed quizzes can be attractive to visitors, contributing to attention retention and increased engagement.
  5. Lead Generation: The collected data can be used to generate high-quality leads. After completing the quiz, users can leave their contact information, which is useful for further interaction.

Examples of questions in a marketing quiz may include inquiries about product preferences, lifestyle, goals, providing companies with a more comprehensive understanding of their audience.

Quizzes create a “Business-Client” dialogue, helping visitors and companies better understand each other. This leads to increased sales. Clients of Marquiz have received over 90 million requests.

Marketing Quiz Features

  • Unlimited number of quizzes
  • Unlimited number of questions
  • Branching logic
  • Start page
  • Marquiz Pages
  • Results
  • Emailing results
  • “Thank You” page
  • Redirect
  • Payment acceptance
  • Calculator
  • Points based on answers
  • “True/False” testing
  • Dynamic discount
  • Bonuses for completion
  • Consultant tips
  • Video consultant
  • A/B testing
  • Dynamic content from URL tags
  • User file uploads
  • Upload your own videos to the quiz
  • Personalization based on previous answers
  • Domain connection to the project or quiz
  • Multiple quizzes on one domain
  • Setting the meta-description of the link
  • Contact form deactivation
  • Chatbot integration
  • Inserting the quiz on the site in different views
  • Geolocation of requests
  • Duplicate protection
  • Phone verification
  • Branding deactivation
  • Two-step contact form
  • Basic quiz analytics
  • Inviting users to the project
  • Exporting requests to Google Sheets
  • CRM integration: amoCRM, Bitrix24, U-ON travel
  • Email integration: GetResponse, SendPulse, Unisender
  • Analytics system integration: Yandex Metrica, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Roistat, VK pixel, Mail, Tik-Tok
  • Webhook
  • Inserting custom code
  • 500+ integrations with Zapier

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