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Partnership proposal for collaboration

A company directly involved in website development and administration faces the challenge of promoting the finished product, namely the internet resource. Naturally, the development company directs its main resources towards implementing the client’s project, often not providing services for the further promotion of the created project on the internet. In this case, there is a need for professionals, whose search can take a significant amount of time and even resources. However, if you turn to ‘SEMSEO,’ you will not only save yourself time in the search but also benefit financially from this collaboration. ‘SEMSEO’ offers a mutually beneficial partnership at a highly professional level, helping you save time and multiply your money.

For a considerable period, our IT company in Moldova has been engaged in advertising services for website promotion on the internet and is looking for partners for mutually beneficial cooperation. Already at the stage of creating each internet project aimed at success, it is essential to consider its future mass promotion. We will be beneficial to both the client – the customer and the client-developer. By informing the client about us, the developer offers the customer the high-quality services of our highly qualified staff and receives 10% of the order amount made with us by your client.

Thus, you not only avoid the risk of dealing with unscrupulous performers but also earn income from attracting clients. You have the opportunity to offer additional services to your customer based on adjustments from our side. In this way, without claiming your work, we not only achieve mutual benefit from this collaboration but also provide you with the opportunity to continue collaborating with the client with further payment for your services.

Websites projects, qualitatively developed and professionally prepared for further promotion on the internet, will significantly elevate the competitiveness of your studio and make it stand out among ordinary developer companies. Information on the design of prepared websites is also provided upon entering into an agreement with our company.

The list of all services for your clients:

    • Site audit  (Positions, errors, backlinks, usability, pre-acceptance site audit).
    • Website creation (Landing pages, business cards, catalogs, online stores, and more)
    • Site promotion (Improving website positions for search queries in search engines)
    • Hosting (Hosting sales, website installation and configuration, domain sales)
    • CRM MD (License sales, setup, and support services)
    • AMO CRM (License sales, setup, and support services)
    • Yclients (License sales, setup, and support services)
    • Jivochat (License sales, setup, and support services)
    • SMS.MD (Setup and support services)
    • Proofdy (License sales, setup, and support services)
    • Marquiz (License sales, setup, and support services)

Trust the website promotion to the IT company „SEMSEO” and you will be able to maximize the benefits!

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seo оптимизация