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Installation, configuration and payment

SEMSEO installation, configuration and the ability to pay for licenses by transfer. is an innovative solution for communicating with customers in real time directly on your website. This is an effective online chat created to improve customer service and optimize communication.

On your web resource, is a compact communication window that provides visitors with the opportunity to interact with your team. Ask questions, get instant answers from managers or support.

The use of SmartChat is especially relevant for online stores. This tool provides quick responses to customer queries, facilitating real-time shopping. The advantage is also the reduction of telephone call costs, which applies to both incoming and outgoing calls.

Implementing SmartChat online chat offers you the opportunity to increase sales without increasing traffic on your website. And adding a consultant with integration into social networks and instant messengers such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, Viber has become easy and effective. Monitor the activity of visitors, initiate dialogues, increase the number of applications. provides a full range of functions aimed at optimizing the time of your managers. Communicate with site visitors, promptly respond to their requests, actively help in solving problems, increase the level of sales and user support.

With, your customers are no longer required to wait for a response in the chat on the site. Continue the conversation in any messenger that is convenient for them, creating the opportunity for deeper interaction and turning visitors into loyal customers of your business. Improve service efficiency by communicating with customers and offering solutions in real time.

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