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Installation, Configuration, and Payment of Jivochat in Moldova

SEMSEO has been an official partner of Jivochat in Moldova since 2018. We provide services for installing and configuring the online chat on your website. Additionally, through our company, you can make payments for Jivochat licenses via bank transfer + 20% VAT at the exchange rate of the National Bank of Moldova, receiving e-invoices.

Jivochat Features:

  1. More than an online consultant: Chat on the website, social networks, messengers, email, and calls—all in one program on your computer or smartphone.
  2. Website Chat: For many customers, using the chat is a psychologically easier way to communicate than making a phone call. For businesses, it’s an opportunity to lead more potential customers to sales. One employee can handle up to 5 dialogues simultaneously without a loss in service quality.
  3. Messages from Social Networks and Messengers: Messages from clients on VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, Viber, and Telegram will come to the application and be distributed among employees. Customers who came to your website can continue the conversation in their favorite social network of choice.
  4. Chat for the Mobile Version of Your Website: Customers can write or call you in a couple of taps. Thanks to Jivo, there will be more mobile purchases on your website, and communication with the customer can continue in their favorite messenger.
  5. Mobile App for Work: The IOS and Android application allows correspondence with customers directly from a smartphone or tablet. Simultaneous work on multiple devices is possible.
  6. Active Chat Invitations: Active invitations engage the customer in a dialogue with the manager. With precise invitation settings, the conversion to inquiries on your website can increase fourfold. We are available 24/7 to help you with effective configurations. 😉
  7. Website Visitor Monitoring: In the JivoSite application, you can see what is happening on your website in real-time. You can see who is currently viewing the site, where visitors came from, and what they are doing right now.
  8. Teamwork with Clients: You can not only transfer the dialogue to another employee but also add them to the chat with the client. This is useful when you need a colleague’s help, but you don’t want to leave the dialogue.

5 Ways to Increase Sales with Jivo

And other features of the PRO version of Jivochat:

Control Tools keep you informed: Through reports, you can control employee working hours, timely response to customers, and other parameters. You also have access to the history of all dialogues for the last 2 months, with quality ratings given by your customers to your employees.
Quick Phrases make operator work more efficient. Quick phrases make work more efficient. Operators can respond to frequently asked questions in one click—this dramatically reduces response time, eliminating the need to retype repetitive text fragments.
Pointer allows operators to guide the customer on the website. It helps remotely highlight the necessary element on the website if the customer cannot find it. It prevents website visitors from getting lost in the wide range of products in your store.

Difference between the paid version of Jivochat and the free version

Prices for Jivochat in Moldova

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