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Design and site audit

When “search” on a site can be found only through search …

Site design: Recall how often you subconsciously looked for any sections on a site and found them in the most unexpected places? If so, did you spent a great lot of time to make the order or to find contacts of the necessary company? Experts joke: the worst site is a site where “search” needs to be found through “search”. I order not to mislead the users, developing a site, it is necessary to consider the features of the behavioral science. For this reason, beginning operation on each project, we try to learn the maximum amount of information on sold goods or services and we offer the most logical option, consisting of architecture and idea.

The architecture means the development of the simplified navigation on a site, calculation of optimal number of pages, additional services and many other unique elements that have been placed on pages.

The idea is the design of the architecture, taking into account corporate styles, site subject, site development, your wishes and ours recommendations.

Site design — is the structured plan of the site, considering the purposes of creation and specifics of content. — it is important to think over all the major details initially, otherwise later in the process it will be needed “to break the base”. Experts of SEMSEO will think over and will make the specifications, count, present and design a site. We did it hundreds of times. Usually in such cases, people are accustomed to do sample projects quickly, but in SEO it isn’t allowed. Every project is unique and the features and identity of your business will be reflected in the deign process of your site.

Site audit is a set of actions directed to search for the reasons that hinder an Internet resource to be highly ranged in search engines. Any company that is going to promote its business on the Internet or had not a very successful experience before, first needs to book a complex audit of a site. Only the all-round analysis of an Internet resource, assessment of competitors and features of business, give the broad picture about the real situation, the necessary budget and promotion strategy.

Types of site audit:

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Сайт одного из наших клиентов плохо индексировался в поисковой системе Google. Технический аудит позволил выявить ряд ошибок, одной из которых стал неудачно выбранный интернет провайдер. Сервер провайдера часто давал сбой и во время прохождения поискового робота сайт клиента часто оказывался недоступным, помимо этого при загрузке страниц сайта отклик сервера превышал допустимую норму. После устранения всех выявленных ошибок, в том числе смены провайдера, нам удалось значительно улучшить позиции сайта в поисковой системе.

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