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Do you want to see the real TOPless show?

Notebook, fax, paper folders, calculator, you can touch even a paper clip lying alone on the desktop at the office. You see the system administrator who has adjusted a network, you shake hands with the messenger who brings you mail. Having thanked the master for timely changeover of a cartridge in the printer, you enter the Internet and you try to find the site. You type into search, the goods or services (as it would be made by the potential buyer) but … you don’t find it on top. You try to find the response to a natural question – how does my target audience learn, that we have the best offer for their request?

So you learn about existence of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), service which can’t be touched as a paper clip from the desktop or be traced as changeover of ink, but will advance your site to the top, having optimized searches for target buyers. It is obvious that without competent search optimization the site will stand Topless, being bashfully covered from views of rare accidental visitors.

Let’s return to target buyers of your goods and services, not ready to waste time on the long searches of the best offer. Provide that I am one of them, having found 5 minutes of the free time, cautiously looking around, I decided to find the necessary product on the Internet. I open only the first links, knowing that further it will find only low-quality sites, many of which long ago are thrown or not connected. And among these links there is your site which captivates the range, the prices, design pleasant to an eye and ease of use. Your customer closes the remained links, accurately writes the address, asks the director to leave under an improbable pretext and goes to you for a purchase. Enviable scenario, isn’t that so?

SEO optimization also advances your site to the top. How? For this purpose we use a set of variables, recommending their certain combination depending on needs and a directivity of your site. All actions are directed on the site to be pleasant to search engines. Search engines sympathize a site that follow certain formulas and rules. The professional optimizer remembers that , despite strict requirements, it is important that the site doesn’t lose the visual aspect and convenience in the opinion of his visitors. Employees of SemSeo advance sites – considering at the same time requirements of search engines and psychology of behavior of the visitor on a site.

If you don’t agree that your site wears the shameful nickname “Topless”, approach the experts who “will dress” it quick!

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Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian. ...

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Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian. ...