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Marketing in social nets

Advance in Facebook SMM (Social Media Marketing) – consists in placement of context-sensitive declarations in a social net which has very high attendance – about 10 million people a month. Thanks to such huge numbers of visitors your declaration will have very much the considerable review (number of shows).

Don’t get frightened by huge digits of shows – you don’t need to pay them. Only transitions of visitors to your site is paid and you are able to set necessary number of transitions in advance. Then your advertising will be carried out free of charge, and transitions to the quantity set by you will be paid. It gives you, on the one hand, magnificent opportunity precisely to plan and supervise the advertising budget, and on the other – a part of an advertising campaign that allows you to carry out free of charge, for example, implementation your trademark in consciousness of customers.


  1. Increases reputation of the company out of its site.
  2. Raises line items in output of search engines.
  3. Possibility of involvement of new target visitors.
  4. Creation of a captive audience of a site.
  5. Creation of back coupling.
  6. Excellent perspective of development of a site.

Besides, advertising on social nets gives the chance on control of the advertising campaign, unavailable in other transmission channels of the ad info:

  • to show advertising only to the target audience selected from all participants of a network on a defined social and demographic or behavioral characteristics, and also on geographical layout (that is very important in case of selection of visitors from Moldova);
  • precisely to know scheduled number of visitors of your site that will allow to predict a sales level and beforehand to be prepared for reception of the increased number of orders. For achievement of the declared result of an advertising campaign in a social net we execute the following:
  • free of charge, we create for you the advertising message (the text and graphic part) in that format which is set by Facebook network rules;
  • on your instructions we select a target group of potential clients for demonstration of advertising or we offer the selection criteria of customers, proceeding from the closed statistical information available for us;
  • we place information on a site in optimum periods for you;
  • we permanently track the efficiency and the provision of your advertising in the general flow of messages to create the best conditions for its show to potential customers.

Thus, you will be able to know an accurate number of your visitors and to pay only for the come clients that allows to spend funds for advertising very effectively.

Cost of advance operations in Facebook

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