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Complex audit of a site

If you ask questions about the efficiency analysis of the resource and you prefer to make any decisions on the basis of analytical information, the complex analysis of a site is necessary for you. The detailed analysis of your project which has been carried out by experts of SEMSEO and the report received on its termination with recommendations about finishing and resource improving, will allow to increase the efficiency of your site.

This service will be useful to you if you plan to order in advance with contextual advertising campaign included, but before you do, you need to understand, in what condition is your resource and what changes are needed to be made for the start to be successful.

Complex audit of a site includes:

  • Audit on the basis of site web analytics – Will show the analysis of site audience in different cutoffs, and also will give understanding, whether the resource purposes meet expectations of the site visitors. Recommendations about improving of different indexes of a site will be provided.
  • The analysis of selling abilities of a site – the convenience analysis, content audit on a site, and also in process of sales will allow to understand the analysis of visitors involvement elements, how are the selling abilities of your resource developed.
  • Quality analysis of search optimization – Implementation of the recommendations received on analysis results of search optimization, will allow an effective promotion of a resource and its movement to the TOP of search engines output.
  • Technical audit of a site – Helps to define quality of imposition and programming and also to understand existent problems of display or slow loadings.

Thanks to complex audit of a site the company will be able to understand what exactly on its resource needs improving right now and what it is worth to think about in the near future.

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