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E-mail — Mailing

E-mail marketing is a service which suggests using all advantages of mailing groups on the Internet. In spite of the fact that mailing groups exist already for a long time, the attitude towards them as to the effective instrument of branding and increase in sales only starts being originated in the Moldavian market of internet marketing.

Email marketing is not the spam causing only irritation in users, but an instrument of targeted advertising and a highly effective remarketing (repeated sales for your business).

A qualitative mailing group always achieves directly two objectives:

  1. Advertises your goods or service exclusively among those Internet users who are interested in it (potential buyers).
  2. Does branding and doesn’t allow the users to forget about your goods or service that guarantees increase in repeated sales.

What will E-mail marketing do for you?

  • Will help to create a captive audience
  • Will increase trust to your resource and name
  • Will quickly inform subscribers
  • Advance of goods and services
  • Will lower expenses of human, temporal and monetary resources

Why an e-mail mailing from SEMSEO?

  • Customer focus not only in words, but also in practice
  • We deliver letters quickly and extremely precisely (99,8%)
  • Complete set of tools for marketing automation
  • We don’t break laws and network norms!
  • We are for democratic and reasonable prices

How much is email mailing?

Our rates based on a monthly fee, will help you plan in advance the costs of email marketing. We are ready to cooperate with any scales actual for our clients – from rare and small mailings to mass mailings depending on needs of our customers. The start price for each email marketing campaign begins from 30 EUR/ month. The individual approach to each of our clients introduces the amendments in the total cost of a mailing group.

What do you receive for the money spent for mailing?

The main thing that you receive is new clients for your business, increased loyalty to a brand and repeated acquisition of your goods.
As for directly operation of our experts in the field of email marketing, their service for your mailings will consist in the following:

  • creation of unique design of mailing with necessary illustrations and design;
  • writing of the selling text of mailing with the active links to your site;
  • guiding and analysis of statistics of your email campaign.

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