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Site usability audit

This audit evaluates the convenience of site use by visitors from the point of view of navigation, design and functionality.

The analysis of site usability allows to receive responses to the following questions:

Is the site is convenient for visitors?

May they quickly find information on a site?

Are the interactive elements on a site effectively used?


Components of success of a site:

  • 10% – appearance of a site (graphic design)
  • 30% – functionality (interface)
  • 60% – compliance to the purposes and needs of the user (usability)

Audit of usability includes:

  • Assessment of the site design: design, visual aspect, general impression of site appearance;
  • Analysis of the home page of a site: presence of all the necessary information on the home page that provides repeated entrance on a site;
  • Testing of services of a site: convenience to order goods/services using search tool on a site, correct procession of orders, availability of contact information and other necessary sections.
  • Analysis of content quality of pages: readability of content on the pages, page defect reveal, design review.
  • The analysis of the general navigation on a site: sections arrangement, convenience of navigation menu.
  • Check of the correctness of site display in different browsers and loading speeds;
  • Recommendations about opening of new sections and site services, etc.

Result of the usability audit is a list of specific recommendations about site improvements which will allow the rise of the quality of a site in the opinion of visitors and by that will increase site conversion.

SEMSEO offers usability audit of two types:

  1. Usability audit by experts of the company. In this case the site is studied and evaluated by experts: Programmer, Internet marketing specialist, seo manager, site administrators. As a result you receive an assessment of a current status of a site and recommendations about improving.
  2. Usability audit by ordinary visitors of the Internet. Audit is made by normal visitors of the Internet, potential clients of your goods and services based on questionnaires. The results are analyzed and transformed into recommendations of potential visitors of your site.

Questionnaire example of usability audit:

 Usability Audit

Questionnaire example of site audit:

Site Audit

Example of the filled questionnaire:

The questionnaire

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