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Audit of site technical status

This type of audit allows to analyze the correctness of operation of a site. Considered questions are:

  • correctness of compilation – robots.txt
  • response time of the of the server
  • error handling
  • redirects setup
  • existence of pages counterparts, etc.

Audit of a technical status of a site allows to receive responses to the following questions:

  • Is my site correctly indexed by search engines?
  • Does the server work well?
  • Will the current technical status of a site affect further advance of a site?

Let’s give an example from practice.

The site of one of our clients was badly indexed in a Google search engine. Technical audit allowed revealing of a row of errors, one of which was: badly selected Internet provider. The provider’s server often gave failure and during the robot retrieval the site of the client was often unavailable, in addition when loading pages of a site, the response of the server exceeded admissible norm. After elimination of all revealed errors, including change of provider, we managed to improve considerably site line items in a search engine.

Structure of site technical audit

Technical audit of a site includes the following types of operations:

  • Analysis of a site structure
  • Site management system analysis
  • Analysis of a hosting operator
  • Analysis of the server operator
  • Analysis of an email server operator
  • Reliabilities error handling (for example Error 404)
  • Data structure analysis
  • The analysis of correct (reliable) operation of the functional elements of the interactions with the user (site services) includes study, for example:
    • Navigation (menu)
    • Search on a site
    • Order of goods and/or services and payment methods
    • Forum / guest book
    • Subscriptions to site news
    • Registration, authorization and the additional functional capabilities available to registered users
    • Directory and price list…
  • Analysis of the size (“weight”) of pages and multimedia elements.
  • Load time speed (accessibility) of a site with splitting on elements
  • The analysis of site’s quality of a code (imposition) on compliance to the W3C standards
  • Check of integrity of referential structure, detection of “beaten” links (links to nonexistent pages and documents)
  • The site analysis on existence of nonexistent pages
  • Error analysis of site navigation
  • Analysis robots.txt
  • Analysis sitemap.xml

By result of technical audit of a site, SEMSEO provides to their clients a detailed report with specifications of all revealed errors and recommendations about their elimination.

Technical audit is an important part of operations in site promotion, it allows revealing of the technical shortcomings of a resource that hinder its advance in search engines and is carried out before the start of the process.

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