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Penguin Service Plan

Monthly website maintenance at the Penguin tariff

The development and support of your websites is the main focus of our company. We provide a full range of website support services.

The following are simultaneously working on your project:

  • Web Manager
  • Content manager
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Copywriter
  • Seoshnik
  • Internet marketer
  • Programmer
  • Designer

As a result, you get a constantly updated, full-fledged live website that your potential clients will appreciate.

You will no longer need to separately look for a designer to make you a banner for the site, a programmer to develop and implement the “Special Offers” module on the site, a copywriter and translator to write and translate articles for your site, content a manager who will correctly place them on your website, a SEO specialist who will come in on time and optimize your article so that it is visible in search engines – now you have the opportunity to get all this work in one place.

Our specialists will take over your website for maintenance and, without stopping the operation of your website, will carry out all the necessary work so that your website turns from a useless burden into an effective tool for raising money for you and your company.

By ordering one or another tariff, you receive a full range of works required for your website.

We present to your attention the “Penguin” tariff

What is included in monthly website maintenance at the Penguin tariff?

– Backup and scan the site for viruses – once a month
– Writing texts and posting on your website – 2 articles
– Translation of texts and placement on your website – 2 articles
– Design of pictures for texts – 2 pcs.
– Posting on Facebook/Instagram of written articles.
– 2 hours of programming and content management
– SEO promotion for queries (without guarantee) up to 30 pcs.
– Report on keywords and traffic

*Minimum 3 months.
**Additional technical work 15% discount on all work

Price for website maintenance according to the “Penguin” tariff