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People decided: “Yes there will be an Internet! ” , created 1000 computers and integrated them in a network. In the second day creators occupied the new world with the first sites. For the 3rd day there began operations with shops, banks, movie theaters, policlinics, institutes. Unfortunately, for the 4th day the majority of projects perished because of failing to exist in the new world. Despite extinction, for the 5th day million people continued migration to the Internet from real life. But only for the 6th day there was the person, knowing how to provide a survival and business development on the Internet. For the 7th day he had no rest at all. Prudent and provident businessmen looked for a method of effective advance of the business in the new world, on the Internet.

And to whom you entrusted control of your business on the Internet?

Perhaps to his developers or the system administrator ? But the Internet – not their profile, and the project, most likely, will die out as dinosaurs died out. Suddenly and without the reason set by science. Perhaps full management online of business was assumed by the standard employee? Absence of special skills and technical knowledge will enter your site into ice age. It not only will freeze your assets, but also will cool hot feelings of buyers to a site.

And after all the business organization on the Internet is equivalent to guiding of business in real life.

Site placement on the Internet is similar to search of suitable trade location or office. Maintenance of a site is a changeover of bulbs, adjustment of operation of the elevator or installation of drainpipes. Filling of a site is a competent arrangement of goods on shelves. Advertising campaigns which you carry out in real life, need also to be organized on the Internet. Search optimization is an enhancement of all business processes in order to reach target buyer with 100% probability. But do you know those who can realize equally effective all types of management, beginning from adjustment of electrical wiring and finishing with carrying out an advertising campaign?

Full management of a site will be provided by a team of experts of “SemSeo”:

  • To study projects and to correct the defects, making a site perfect. Audit and design
  • To provide technical support of a site, making a site effective. Maintenance
  • To control a site and to develop it, making a site live. Site administration
  • To advance a site on the Internet, making a site selling. Site advance
  • To tell about it on social networks, making a site popular. Promotion in Facebook
  • To plan the successful advertising campaign, making a site known. Advertising campaign
  • To fill a site with the original selling text, making a site to work. Copywriting

Growth of sales by means of the Internet makes 40% growth of normal trade. 73% of users made 1 time purchases of goods through the Internet. To the companies which have the effective site, every 4th buyer comes from the Internet.

“SEMSEO” – a warranty of survival and development of your site!