The firm which is engaged directly in development and administration of a site, faces such problem, as promotion of a ready-made product, namely the Internet resource. It is natural that the developer company directs the main resources on project implementation of the customer, and most often doesn’t provide to the clients service for further advance on the Internet of the created project. In this case there is a need for the professionals which search can occupy a large amount of time. However if you address “SEMSEO”, you not only reduce yourselves search time, but also you will be able to derive the material advantage from this cooperation. “SEMSEO” is a favorable cooperation at highly professional level which will help to spare your time and increase your money.

Our Internet agency already for long time works in the field of advertising services in advance of sites on the Internet and looks for partners for mutually beneficial cooperation. Already at a stage of creation of each Internet project aimed at success, it is necessary to reflect on its future advance in masses. We will be useful also to the client – the customer, and the client developer. The developer, reporting to the client about us, offers the customer high-quality services of our highly qualified employees, and also receives 10% of an order value.

Thus, you not only don’t risk facing unfair performers, but also you gain income from involvement of the client. You have an opportunity to provide to the customer supplementary services according to your price list on the basis of adjustment instructions from our side. Thus, without claiming your working activities, we not only receive mutual benefit from this cooperation, but also we give you opportunity to continue cooperation with the customer with further payment of your services.

The projects of the developed sites that have been professionally prepared for further advance on the Internet, will allow your studio to raise considerably its level of competitiveness and to be a bright spot against the ordinary companies – developers. You also receive information on design of the prepared sites, in case of the inference of the contract with our company.

Entrust advance of a site to SEMSEO and you will be able to derive the maximum advantage from need of promotion of an Internet resource without loss the nervous cells.

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