Website development and SEO optimization in Moldova.
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Comprehensive internet marketing solutions

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Any website, with proper management
Has the potential to generate profit!

The management and promotion of a website are often mistakenly believed to be the responsibilities of developers or in-house employees. This misconception can jeopardize the success of many projects in Moldova, as effective promotion and resource management require equally professional knowledge in both marketing and the functioning of search engines, as well as the technical characteristics of the website. SEMSEO offers comprehensive professional website management, including Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), ensuring an increase in the efficiency of your website through the following actions:

We analyze and

A website audit is essential for a thorough analysis of its technical, content, and marketing aspects with the goal of identifying issues, optimizing the site’s performance, and improving its effectiveness.

Website Audit

Creating websites
and design

We specialize in creating effective websites, providing unique design, intuitive navigation, and high performance to achieve the business goals of our clients.

Website Development


We write
compelling sales texts

Selling, yet search engine optimized texts with an optimal amount of keywords are a necessity for website promotion. Our copywriting is unique, easily readable, and most importantly, sells your products!
Content Writing

SEO Optimizing

With our more than 15 years of experience, we conduct comprehensive SEO optimization for websites, aimed at improving their visibility in search engines and increasing organic traffic.

SEO Optimization

Planning a successful
advertising campaign

The peculiarity of contextual advertising lies in the fact that it is shown only to interested users, meaning every invested leu guarantees a return.

Google contextual advertising

Sharing about you
on social media

Социальные сети – один из самых эффективных способов общения с целевой аудиторией. Мы знаем, как привлекать подписчиков и удерживать их уникальным интересным контентом.
Targeted advertising

Manages and
develops your website

We provide full management and administration of the website, including technical support, content updates, and ensuring continuous functionality for optimal performance.

Website Support

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